Walk an Online Labyrinth

Online Contemporary Labyrinth is an online translation of a contemporary labyrinth. The original is described as ‘an interactive installation for spiritual journeys’. It consists of a pathway mapped out on the floor for visitors to follow. During this journey participants pause and listen to a piece of music and a meditation. They also undertake some symbolic action or ritual.  With this online version the pieces of music are the same (make sure your speakers are turned on) but the actions and activities have been translated to suit the medium.

What happens at Diocesan Convention?

“According to the constitution, the Episcopal Church in Arkansas gathers once a year to govern the congregations that make up the Diocese of Arkansas. We worship, we celebrate, we listen, we speak, we debate, and we vote. It is a large event with a large amount of work needing to be done.

The first part of the convention is our gathering, which happens on Friday evening. We celebrate the sacraments in a festive Holy Eucharist. All of the clergy vest and process, the Bishop preaches and presides, and afterwards, we continue to enjoy being the church in community at a reception.

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