Walk an Online Labyrinth

Online Contemporary Labyrinth is an online translation of a contemporary labyrinth. The original is described as ‘an interactive installation for spiritual journeys’. It consists of a pathway mapped out on the floor for visitors to follow. During this journey participants pause and listen to a piece of music and a meditation. They also undertake some symbolic action or ritual.  With this online version the pieces of music are the same (make sure your speakers are turned on) but the actions and activities have been translated to suit the medium.

Board Games at Youth Group

It’s cold and wet.  Your youth want to do something fun but you are stuck inside.  You have played  “ninja” ten too many times.  Are there any other options?

Board Games!

Wait, I really don’t want to play 5 hours of a monopoly game at youth group.  Neither do I.  So here are three short games that you and your youth can pick up quickly and will fall in love with.Tsuro-box

1.  Tsuro: The Game of the Path.  (2-8 players and 15-20 minutes) Create your own journey with Tsuro, the Game of the Path. Place a tile and slide your stone along the path created, but take care. Other player’s paths can lead you in the wrong direction – or off the board entirely. Find your way wisely to succeed. Stay the path – your journey begins here.

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Facebook and Youth Ministry

Anyone who works with youth—for that matter, anyone—must wrestle with Facebook.  Some clergy and ministers would rather ignore Facebook.  But it is too large and too ubiquitous to ignore, and our youth certainly don’t.  Some dive in without any reservations.  But there are pitfalls there, too. So how do we use Facebook and use it well? And what do we teach our youth about using it?

This resource packet has three main goals:

  • To open discussion between participants on what their Facebook activity says about who they are.
  • To inform participants about how Facebook makes money off of their Facebook activity and raise awareness about how their information is being used.
  • To equip participants with strategies to use Facebook safely and faithfully.

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