Theological reflection with a group of youth

As youth ministers and Christian ed leaders we make spaces available where it is easier to experience God.  God is already there, we hopefully point to God and make God more visible. Kendra Dean Creasy called this being “God Bearers” in her book The Godbearing Life: The Art of Soul Tending for Youth Ministry .   It…… Continue reading Theological reflection with a group of youth

Back to School Blessings Liturgy

A common occurrence in many congregations is a backpack blessing service. has a great article on these services at Blessing of the Backpack’s 6 Tips for Success. At EYCArkansas, we began wondering what this would look like with an older mindset and as part of a youth group or youth Sunday school meeting.  We…… Continue reading Back to School Blessings Liturgy

Walk an Online Labyrinth

Online Contemporary Labyrinth is an online translation of a contemporary labyrinth. The original is described as ‘an interactive installation for spiritual journeys’. It consists of a pathway mapped out on the floor for visitors to follow. During this journey participants pause and listen to a piece of music and a meditation. They also undertake some symbolic action…… Continue reading Walk an Online Labyrinth