Happening is “run” by and for teenagers.

What is Happening?    

Happening is a renewal weekend for the young people of the Episcopal Church.

Happening #40 Group

For Happening, youth must be in the 10th -12th grade.  The weekend centers on the example and teachings of Jesus Christ, which are discussed in the atmosphere of joy and happiness, in a way that relates to the lives of today’s young people. Small group discussions, large group activities, singing, and drama fill the weekend, from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.

Happening is “run” by and for teenagers.
They write and present the talks, lead discussions, lead singing and other activities. Once a youth attends a Happening they can choose to be on “staff” for future Happenings. They then meet together at “Pre-Hap” for an overnight to plan and prepare for the upcoming Happening.

The adults present serve as cooks, chaperones, and support staff. There is always at least one member of the clergy on hand as well as Spiritual Directors.

It is important for all applicants to understand that Happening is centered on the Christian tradition as expressed through the Baptismal Covenant.

Once you have been through Happening you can come back and serve on staff at Happening.

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