Youth Ministry

Videoconference Games: Remember to Play!

Right now we are a week or two into the Coronavirus and social distancing to help control it. Churches everywhere are working to get their services online and youth groups are meeting to do prayer services online.

Please remember to also have fun.

During this time of high anxiety and physical distancing from our friends, it is also important that we offer some play. We need some levity to take our minds off everything and enjoy being together even if it is only online.

So what can we do when we have to stay physically apart?

Video conferencing games

These are games that a group of people can play with only having to join in a videoconference. There are many online games people can play together, but video-conferencing activities offer a simple way of entry into some fun. It is also a platform that your youth and adults are very familiar with as many of their schoolwork and wokr meetings are done that way.

Here is a few simple activities that can be fun.

1. Charades
This is an easy one. Get your group of youth together online on Zoom or your favorite Group Video conferencing platform. If you have more than four you can even divide them up into teams and play charades. As the leader make a pile of words and pick them randomly. Text them or message the word to the Charader (is that a word) so that they are the only person to see it and then give them a time limit. Do this as often as you like.

2. Pictionary

With almost the same game play as above and you have Pictionary. On both of these games you can pick a theme and when the game is over debrief with a short devotional about the theme.

This is a simple one to play over a Zoom Video conference as each person can draw their picture on a notebook that they hold up to the camera.

3. Show and Tell

Invite participants to find something in their house that answers a question and bring it back to show the group.

  1. Show off a pet to the group.
  2. What is the bluest thing in the house?
  3. What thing in your house looks the most like you?
  4. What would people be surprised to know that you owned?
  5. A favorite toy from my childhood that I still have?

After they bring them back give the participants a chance to say why they picked the item they picked.

These activities and more can be a great fun way to get to know each other better. During each one give the group a set time like 5 minutes to find the answer. This way no one thinks too much about it.

These are just a few activities we can do during Videoconference meetings. Of course, it is important to offer prayers and do prayer services, but don’t forget that we need to play also.

Do you have any games that your group is doing online?