Youth Ministry

DYC (Diocesan Youth Commission)

Each year we have some wonderful diocesan youth events led by some great leaders and by some great youth who are on the DYC (Diocesan Youth Commission).  The DYC is a group of twelve 9th-12th grade youth from all over the state of Arkansas, who help plan and lead youth events.  The term for a DYC member begins as we prepare for AYE in September and ends with Winterstar in March.

Important details about the DYC:

  • Youth have four opportunities to be on DYC as terms are one academic year
  • Youth can apply in your freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year
  • Youth are expected to be active in an Episcopal Parish or Episcopal Youth Ministry
  • Youth are selected by the youth ministers from other areas of the state.  Your youth minister has nothing to do with you getting selected or not getting selected.  They of course may be a reference for you.

Randall Curtis
Ministry Developer for Young Adults and Youth
The Episcopal Church in Arkansas

For questions about this contact me at

Timeline of Selection

August 10th-August 31st    DYC Application online form open

After August 31st  Selection Happens

  • Non-Central adult youth ministers select Central DYC
  • Non-Northwest AR adult youth ministers select NW AR DYC
  • Other area DYC (Southwest, North East, and Southeast) selected by NW AR and central youth ministers

Selection will be based on

  • Essays
  • Local church or youth ministry involvement
  • Diversity of leadership
  • Past youth events participation
  • Discussion with the church leader reference

All youth and their leaders notified by email by September 3rd

Saturday, September 15th from 5-7pm DYC meeting online

  • This meeting will be to plan AYE. The AYE theme will be focused on Servant Leadership.
  • This meeting will be held online also to connect the various locations

October 18th-20th AYE DYC serve and lead

DYC Plan and lead:

  • Small groups
  • Free choices
  • Dance
  • Design T-shirt
  • Assist with God stuff time

Jan. 31st-Feb. 1st DYC Overnight The DYC meet to plan Winterstar in an overnight together.

March 13th-15th Winterstar  DYC Serve and Lead (DYC who attended AYE and the Planning meeting get 50% off)

DYC Plan and lead:

  • Small groups
  • Free choices
  • Dance
  • Design T-shirt
  • Assist with God stuff time