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Group Art Project: Icon Magazine Mosaic

I am always looking for a great art project that is meaningful, easy and that can be done in a large group.  This is a great art project that I saw while visiting All Saint’s and Sinners in Denver, CO.  As soon as I saw it, I knew that we needed to do it at our next youth Event.

We did this at AYE (The Arkansas Youth Event).  The Mosaic is made with clippings from magazines that are glued to 11X17 sheets of paper.  To give you a sense of size this is almost 5 feet tall and 6 feet wide.

Your group can do this also, in only about 9 steps.

  1.  Find your Icon photo or image you want to end up with and format it into a Black and White photo.  I used this image and made it black and white .
  2. Take individual blank white sheets of paper and tape them to the wall.(For instruction on how to make a color image black and white click here.
  3. With an overhead projector, project your image on the sheets of paper and trace the lines.
  4. Now inside each area of your large picture on the wall write what color that area should be.  Basically, you are making a great big Paint By Numbers picture.  Be sure that on each sheet the areas that will be need to be colored in are labeled.
  5. Now take your sheets down and you can have your group work on them as individual sheets.
  6. We took magazines and clipped them out into small pieces.  We then used those pieces to match the colors as much as possible.
  7. Once complete you should be able to take your sheets and now put them together to make a large mosaic.  (helpful hint-once you put them together number them on the back to make it easier to put them back together.)
  8. To finalize and protect each sheet I then used Modge Podge which is like a thick glue to cover each sheet.
  9. I then attached them to a Black Foamboard.  We decided that it looked better when each sheet was separated to give the look of a stained glass window.

Other ideas with this:
The House of All Sinners and All Saint’s used Christmas Black Friday ads as the clippings.  In this way they took one of the worst parts of Christmas and transformed it into one of the most beautiful parts of Christmas.

Enjoy and if you make one send me a photo here so I can post it.

Randall Curtis, Jr.
Ministry Developer for Young Adults and Youth
The Episcopal Church in Arkansas<