Youth Ministry

Living Compass Resources for Online Groups

Here is a resource for your youth group to use to talk about Wellness when in online settings.

Spin the Wheel and then answer the questions.


  1. How have your relationships strengthened in the last few weeks? 
  2. How have they weakened? 
  3. What is one thing you could do to help nurture an existing relationship, including with yourself? 

ACTIVITY: Grab a piece of paper and a pen and write out something kind either for someone in your family or for yourself and tape it up in a place they’ll see it! 


  1. What are the three primary emotions you’ve been feeling lately?
  2. What causes your emotion to change? 
  3. What things affect your emotions positively/negatively? 

ACTIVITY: Choose one emotion you’ve been feeling lately and take a selfie/picture that describes that emotion best


Rest & Play:

  1. Have you been taking intentional rest time? Or play time? Not just zoning out on Netflix/video games? 
  2. Have you invited anyone in your family to do something purely for fun together? 
  3. When you do relax, do you feel like God is present in new ways in those moments? 

ACTIVITY: Silly Jokes – Each person takes a turn to tell the corniest joke they can think of (you can look it up online) to try and make everyone else laugh. If you laugh, you’re out. 


  1. Have you made any time for a solely spiritual activity at home? Online worship/prayer? 
  2. What is one thing you could do this week to make some space for God? 
  3. Where do find God when you can’t be in church each week? 

ACTIVITY: Go find one thing in your house that represents spirituality/God to you? Show n’ Tell time! What is the item and what is its significance to you?



  1. Where do you feel pressure to succeed? 
  2. What places do you feel happiest? 

ACTIVITY: QUICK DRAW – You have 90 seconds to draw all the things that are important to you. Family/Friends/Studies/Activities


  1. What kinds of things do you find yourself forgetting lately? 
  2. How can we help prevent the days from running together…What do you do to help yourself feel mentally organized?
  3. Have you noticed other ways people around you stay “organized” – like what habits seem to help them stay focused and calm? 

ACTIVITY: Look at the calendar for this date next year…write down/mark one thing you want to plan to do that day and share it with everyone! 



  1. When you feel knocked down or depressed what do you do to improve your mood? 
  2. Who is an example of someone who shows you resilience? Either in your life, or maybe someone from history or famous? 

ACTIVITY: Scar stories – what’s the weirdest injury you still have a scar from? 

Care for the Body: 

  1. How are you sleeping/eating/exercising?
  2. Have you considered inviting a family member to do something fun and healthy with you? 
  3. Have you cooked any meals that were particularly tasty? 

ACTIVITY: FOOD PYRAMID CHALLENGE – 3 things from your pantry, try to find the item with the most of each:
Dietary fiber
Vitamin C

Person with the highest number in each category wins! 

Created by Emma Mitchell at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Fayetteville, AR using the Living Compass Wellness Program