Living Compass Teen Groups

There are times that we need a group of people to listen to us, where we can safely talk about what we are struggling with and what we are excited about – a group of people to walk with and talk with. At EYC Arkansas, we would like to start offering this kind of group as a six-week online small group called the Living Compass Groups. The first round of these groups will be open to current 9th-12th grade youth.

These groups will meet for one hour a night weekly for six weeks with six to seven youth and two adults over the Zoom video conference platform. 

Prior to beginning, each person in the group will fill out an assessment that you can find here.  ONLINE ASSESSMENT.  After the assessment, you get a Living Compass which is a visual representation of your scores.  This may sound like a test, but it’s not. There are no wrong answers. It will take you about 20-30 minutes to fill out and can be seen as a kind of conversation between yourself and God.

In the meetings, we will talk about our Living Compasses as well as what change looks like in our lives, how we deal with change, and how we are constantly going through change. This is a program that has been used all over the country in schools and in churches. For more about the Living Compass see this link.

The 8 areas of the LIving Compass

This is a little different than other group meetings we have done, as the same youth and adults who meet the first night will continue to be the same youth and adults who meet each week. When you sign up, you are asked to commit to all six weeks.  

This group will also:

  1. Meet in person eventually to celebrate finishing the six weeks.
  2. Have the opportunity to be leaders in a new retreat we are planning to add to the diocesan youth calendar in 2021 that is called the Living Retreat.

If you are an adult who would like to assist in facilitating one of these groups, please contact Randall Curtis at with a night of the week that you are available. 

 If you would like to do a group like this for youth in your church, adults, or parents also contact Randall Curtis.

If you are a youth who would like to be in a group even if you can’t make Tuesday nights, apply here.  We will contact you as soon as we have a group open for you.