What happens at Diocesan Convention?

“According to the constitution, the Episcopal Church in Arkansas gathers once a year to govern the congregations that make up the Diocese of Arkansas. We worship, we celebrate, we listen, we speak, we debate, and we vote. It is a large event with a large amount of work needing to be done.

The first part of the convention is our gathering, which happens on Friday evening. We celebrate the sacraments in a festive Holy Eucharist. All of the clergy vest and process, the Bishop preaches and presides, and afterwards, we continue to enjoy being the church in community at a reception.

The second part of the convention is our governing, which happens Saturday morning and afternoon. We present resolutions, voice our opinions, listen to the opinions of others, and vote to represent the entire Diocese. The Bishop also gives vision for the convention’s business and for the rest of the Diocese.

Diocesan Convention is a balance between being the church and dreaming the church, and there is a time and place for both.”

For the full document click  the following link.  Introduction to Diocesan Convention

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