Youth Ministry Resources

So you are a youth minister now what?

Maybe you have been hired, maybe you have been a volunteer, maybe you thought this would be fun. (Don’t worry, it will be.) However you got to this page here are some link to resources and blog posts that can be helpful.

Getting Started

  • Youth Ministry 101 (Don’t do this alone)
  • Safeguarding Training You and all your volunteers should be trained in Safeguarding God’s people. You can be made an admin for your church so that you can add other people to the training. Contact Randall Curtis at to get set up.

Possible content for meetings

Video content for your group

When meeting remotely with youth it may be helpful to use online videos as a way to discuss issues. For ideas on how to use these videos check out Theological Reflection with youth.

Soulpancake Some of teh most thought provoking content camn be found on Soulpancakes Youtube Channel. In particulair checjk out these.

  • Have a little faith with Zack Anner A great informal look at various practices of faith.
  • Man on the Street This can be a great way to hear very diverse voices speak on subjects. All videos are about 3 minutes long.
  • Now What? Do you have a Group who is interest in an social justice issue. These videos can be a great way to get moving on action and issues.